Draft Time!

Will Glam Squad orchestrate a comeback? Will the Punked Pixies finally just go out and execute? Will Glitz N Glory make history and take it to the big house? Will the White Howlers hack their way for extra yardage? It was decision time for the Informvengers! Today was our NFL Fantasy Football draft for League Mantras Season 2013. Some teams like KickAss milked the clock while others like Hot Jocks threw their game plan out the window. And nothing kept the drive alive better than icing out our Draft Tub and loading it with the best carbs in town. As we say at In Form Design, ‘In order to collaborate you got to compete—you have to make plays on both sides of the ball.’ We have 17 weeks, and it can be anyone’s game. But one thing is for certain, the road to the Super Bowl may go through Miami, but nobody can lay a glove on our studio!

Angelo Lagdameo
Brand Consultant, Design Practitioner




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