Droppin’ Cause It’s Hot

The day after Jenny and I wrapped up our keynote speech to the Access Arizona Investor Luncheon, we sought after a new Arizona experience that would be much less nerve-racking. We decided to go skydiving. Early morning, we arrived at Skydive Arizona™, located in Eloy, for our first tandem skydive. After literally signing off on our lives, we got to meet our hippie tandem partners, hopped on a little plane, then jumped 13,000 feet. Both Jenny and I took a mental note on how the aerial view truly made visible of all the ‘available developable land‘ Central Arizona has to offer (yes, always idea-generating for our clients, even while free falling at 60 mph). All in all, a very uplifting experience, although, Jenny ‘froze her teeth’ and I had to refresh my spinning head with large quantities of Sprite.

Angelo Lagdameo
Brand Consultant, Design Practitioner




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