What we do

Great design is not just a beautiful logo, but the full cumulative experience of all your brand's touchpoints. We will design, plan, and execute your audience's touchpoints—delivering on the full sensory experience of your brand.

Industry Specialization

With our 15+ interdisciplinary design/branding problem-solving experience, Angelo Lagdameo Inc had built deep expertise in five areas of industry specialization: Architects & Designers (A&D), Economic Development, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Culture & Recreation. The key advantage is that we help you make informed decisions with a thorough understanding of your strategy’s particular niche brand marketing benefits and challenges. Clients in these areas of specialization value our ability to uncover true differentiators, guide them through robust brand strategy and determine which brand touchpoints warrant the most priority:

  • Ability to provide your target market with brand differentiation and superior value proposition.
  • Aptitude to offer branding and design services that are not replicated by generic commodity designers or in-house team.
  • Reduction on time spent on the industry learning curve—attention to niche industry results in better comprehension and expertise—asking the right questions.
  • Specialization in these industries leads to higher quality target audience conversions in brand messaging and copywriting.
  • Results in a higher perception of authority in the marketplace.

An Evolving Process For Brand Evolution

Process Chart

We believe that BRANDS evolve therefor our branding process is an evolutionary process. Our creative services support your brand at any stage of development, at any project, and at any customer touchpoint. We believe that every single one of your projects is designed to move your brand forward so that the next project builds you up from the previous one. Our process assures that your brand constantly grows and adapts to the changing circumstances of the world, technology, and culture around us.

Branding from the inside out

Branding from the inside out.

Ever take a look at the craftsmanship of a baseball? And what a beautiful cracking sound it makes when it's struck by a bat. One grade cowhide, polyester/cotton yarn, 3-ply gray wool yarn, 4-ply gray wool yarn, red rubber, black rubber, and cushioned cork. Branding is like a baseball—it has a lot of layers. Imagine your customer touchpoints as the cowhide. Built for toughness and grip, your touchpoints are the surface of your brand where your customer sees/feels/experiences who you are as a brand entity. Right below the surface is a polyester/cotton wrap that gives the baseball a smooth perfectly round finish. This represents the final design execution before your touchpoints go to the marketplace. Under that are several more layers of yarn that give the ball proper size and weight. Let's equate this to your internal cultural, and the adoption of your brand standards by your employees. Finally, there's the core (red rubber surrounding black rubber surrounding cushioned core... so the ball sounds right!)—your values and your essence that can't be duplicated by anyone. Every layer needs to be perfect, nothing neglected, or else the baseball would be defective. There is no part of your brand that should be overlooked, no rushing to the 'final design' stage if you don't have an internal culture that believes in you or the tools to understand your target audience. No reason to even start building a brand if you don't have your core values in place. Need brand help? Good thing you got us to talk to.

Our logo-to-brand process

Logo Concepts


Let's start building your ideas—from the inside out.

Visual Briefs

Visual Briefs

Using a mood/design board gives us a snapshot look at the aesthetic and emotions you want to convey.



Multiple rough proofs are presented.

Final Logo Design

Final Logo Design

Final logo is rendered with brand colors and fonts.

Ready to Brand!!

Ready to Brand!!

With your logo completed, you are ready to expand your brand into print, web, social media, signage, apparel, and beyond!

Websites made easy

You want to create a website for your company or organization? That can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. We make building websites easy. We start by determining what kind of website fits your goals and budget. Our 15+ years in branding, design and web coding ensures that your website will have great functionality, but it will also be an integral part of your customer's brand experience.

Ready-Made Website

Basic Level (~$5,000–$10,000)

Build-it-yourself-website platforms like Shopify, Wix and SquareSapce give you a heads start for e-commerce; but they can be very complicated, frustrating and time-consuming. In the hands of non-designers, the results can be a bad reflection of your brand image. Building an effective website, even from a ready-made, requires a designer’s touch, and website technical expertise. By going this route we can guide you step-by-step through the process (like purchasing a custom URL), add your products & services and design all your creative elements. This type of website is great if you only need a few webpages with basic information that you don't plan to update regularly—we are here to SAVE YOU TIME!

Tailored Websites

Entrepreneur Level (~$10,000–$20,000)

This is perfect for starting a respectful online presence. There is no shame in building from a template. But as designers we can modify the template to meet your goals and aesthetics (and clean up all that extra yucky code). This way we can be sure your brand professionally uses your official logo, fonts, colors, copy-style and photo-style. Also, this type of platform provides us with the ability to add features relevant to your needs i.e. social media feeds and video embeds. We'll work directly with you to ensure beauty and functionality that produces the results you're aiming for!

Bespoke Website

Industry Level (~$20,00–-$50,000+)

The biggest advantage with a fully custom built website is the flexibility you get to scale and adapt your website to the changes of website trends and technology. We will also provide a CMS customized to your needs that allows you to update your website to consistently engage with your customers. Your custom website will take full use of your brand assets (logo, fonts, colors, copy-style and photo-style) in the user experience. If you have a luxury or affinity brand you know every detail counts with your customer. A fully custom website gives you full control of the details, and that's where you will set yourself above the competition.

Website Features

SEO Optimization

Let's be sure your beautiful website gets found on search engines. We'll help you build strong website architecture, provide clear navigation and relevant original content—we will get your website to rank high in search results.

Responsive Web Design

Customers will access your website with smart phones and tablets more frequently than laptops or desktop computers. We'll get your website to look awesome on mobile, tablet and desktop. Our Mobile-First responsive web design ensures your website looks great and functions properly on every device—no matter the screen resolution.

WordPress Content Management

WordPress is the leading Content Management System, but we also can set you up in KirbyCMS or Grav. We'll set it up so that any CMS you decide to work with will be easy to use, and can handle tons of traffic. We can customize your CMS with different levels of access so you can assign specific roles to your employees. And you can have the ability to publish as many pages & menus that you may need.

Branding Integration

Our biggest differentiator when providing web design service is our 15+ years in design. A website can be brilliantly coded, but your customers want to see your brand come alive with beautiful layouts and easy-to-digest information. We'll make sure your website engages with your customers on your unique and personal brand level.

Google Analytics

Know your audience! Who really are your customers? What attracts customers to your website? Is it the stories, the major product announcements, advertising, your blog? Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service on the internet. Use analytics to determine your next moves and where you should be expanding your business or targeting your next campaign.

Social Media Feeds

Social media and your website should work seamlessly together with one objective: Promote your brand. We can help you set up your brand consistently and effectively in all major social media platforms. And we can intertwine your social media feeds into your website to mega-power your brand's online imprint. For example—we can incorporate social share and follow buttons to improve user experience, social photos and video feeds to increase engagement; and social widgets to increase sales and website conversions.

Security Protection

A great website must be prepared to combat malicious attacks including spam. We can add layers of extra protections to fortify your website against denial-of-service attacks, customer data compromise, and abusive bots. It’s vital to ensure that your website performance is never sacrificed for security and that its systems have easy setup and configuration, avoiding configuration errors which can introduce security vulnerabilities.

General Site Maintenance

Let us do the trouble shooting. Like a home, websites have to be maintained for keep up. Technology, trends and internet laws are always changing. We offer monthly website maintenance packages so you don't ever have to worry about your website crashing or handling major errors on your own. Our maintenance packages come in three different tiers so you can chose what works best for you. All packages include offsite backups, plugin & theme updates, database optimization, security & malware scans, site monitoring, and monthly reports.

E-Commerce Solutions

An e-commerce website is a great way to do business with a huge audience right at your fingertips but creating an e-commerce website can be complicated and time-consuming. Our expertise will set you up with a great working e-commerce website in no time! We'll guide you through the world of virtual shopping carts, online payment gateways, shipping options, online sales statistics add-ons, gift certificates, discount codes, e-marketing and e-blasts, inventory tracking modules and multilingual support.

And So Much More!

Mobile Menu, Social Media Menus & Feeds, Google Maps Embeds, Gravity Form Builder, Template & Layout Manager, Photo Gallery, Copywriting, Photo Preparation & Optimization, Media Manager, Design Customizer, 100s of Google Web Fonts, Akismet Anti-Comment-Spam, Social Sharing Menu, Visitor Stats, Custom Admin Login, and much more.

Ask us to include these features when we build your website or we can add these features onto your current website. Get a quote now!