Bända by Lowenstein

Brochure design and photography art direction for a De Stijl inspired benching system from a classic furniture company.

Bända, designed by Daniel Korb for Lowenstein (OFS Brands), is pure and simple modern modular lounge furniture that delivers configurability for public spaces. To tell the Bända story we wanted to focus on the possibilities of the different configurations of this furniture while still feeling like luxury seating. To do this, we determined a wide variety of configurations adaptable to different lounge scenarios: conversation, waiting, spontaneous meeting, etc. For image library, we decided to use real-life digital photography instead of computer-generated renderings. We decided on photography due to the warm soft feel uniquely achievable by studio photography. We built the entire white sets (gloss white floor, white walls, and back-lit windows) to keep the room scenes extremely minimal. We selected crisp yellow and gray textiles to give the photography a fashionable edge.



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