Cool Springs

A brand identity for an educational facility that teaches sustainability to the next generation of architects and interior designers.

The Horse Barn on Cool Springs (LEED Silver Certification) houses a riding area, horse stalls, hay loft and two apartments. Architecture by Hafer.

Cool Springs is a 1,000-acre property that functions as an educational preserve, a reforesting effort, a design retreat, and a corporate meeting center. Located in Huntingburg, Indiana, OFS Brands developed the Cool Springs campus to showcase their company’s sustainability and craftsmanship in a meaningful way. Back in the 1960s, when conservation was a foreign term, OFS Brands’ second-generation leaders Phyllis and Bob Menke began to notice the effects of deforestation on southern Indiana. They took action with more sustainable production methods, established the Indiana Natural Conservancy, and began a quest to acquire and reforest thousands of eroded acres devastated by industry and agriculture. To continue environmentalism for this generation, Hank Menke hired Hafer to create a master plan of the property they purchased near their corporate headquarters so they could take clients to educate and entertain them. As part of this master plan, architecture firm Hafer designed a Horse Barn (achieved LEED Silver Certification) and Maintenance Facility, Marina (kayaking, cocktails, and dinner), and Overlook. We were hired to design the logo and branding system during the early construction of all these facilities. A calligraphic solution was used for the logo to reflect the company’s values in craftsmanship and fine manufacturing. The brand color palette derives from the earthy colors found in the forestry and natural surroundings of the property’s outdoor environment. The visual brief shows how the brand’s logo, fonts, and colors connect directly to the wood, stone, and brick building materials used in the architecture as well as the historical photography and artifacts used in the interior design. When we first presented the logo and brand deck, Hank Menke exclaimed, “You nailed it!”. Whether you’re there for a tour with Phyllis, a four-wheeler ride through the woods, or a dinner prepared from their very own garden, you don’t just visit Cool Springs, you experience it.


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