Create Change

This organization is very meaningful to me because I am a co-founder and Chief Brand Officer. CEO Nathan West (musician, East of Eli) and CCO Chyler Leigh (actress, Supergirl/Grey’s Anatomy) started Create Change to connect artist-actists to social causes. “Our mission at Create Change is use our solutions-based platform to (1) provide a safe-space for community discussion, (2) create a online marketplace to support artist-activist intent on social change; and (3) highlight non-profits and ground-swelling cultural movements ameliorating reform that our world needs today.” While the brand had to be buzzworthy enough to appeal to the entertainment industry, our number one goal was to captivate a youthful grassroots community. The logomark is a convergence of color (forming a ‘C’) to represent the convergence of community and ideas. Our website attracts our audience through thought-provoking articles and we continue the conversation on social media (for impulsive discussion) as well as our forum (for ‘deep-think’ longreads). We encourage further engagement with our website’s subscription service, giving our user special access to submit their own artwork and writing to be curated and published.


Create Change


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