East of Eli

“Blending cinematic folk, pop melodies and modern electronic sounds, East of Eli has been gaining both critical and popular acclaim since it’s formation in 2014.”—Huffington Post. Fronted by Nathan West (musician/actor: ‘Bring It On’, ‘Miracle’), his goal is to “connect with humanity through the music.” Branding for music is very different than branding for a furniture company. In corporate brand strategies, it’s important to stay disciplined and repetitively consistent on all customer touchpoints. For music brands targeted to Millennials and Gen Z, the brand must still rely on brand recognition but must constantly reinvent itself to stay engaging and rapidly evolving due to the attention drifting habits of young people. The logomark is based on the abbreviation EOE. The letter forms interlock into a shape resembling the taichi symbol (yin-yang)—a philosophy of ‘opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world’ that’s very present in the music of East of Eli. The EOE symbol is reskinned according to the media and context it’s used on. Used as album or single art, it is interpreted to the theme of the song. The reinvention of the logo increases the desirability of special edition merchandise and helps micro-brand different tour runs of East of Eli concert series.


East of Eli


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