First Office Branding

First Office was well-known for being a sturdy mid-tier contract furniture brand that lacked in design sensibilities. They sought our expertise to create a higher design, higher value perception with the A&D community. Only a complete brand overhaul would achieve their goal. Image, in this case, was everything. And everything about them had to be ‘fresh’.

As a backdrop, we chose a fiery warm red paired with a bright-hot white as their brand colors. We selected their most contemporary furniture to be their highlighted products and dressed them in modern finishes and upholstery. We dedicated an intense eight weeks in North Carolina to photograph their product offering on custom built sets, while we re-designed their print collateral, binder and website.

As we approached the end of this aggressive schedule, we arranged a powerful brand launch campaign to inform all the client’s dealers and reps about their new rebrand. Follow up brand enforcement came in the form of graphic pup trucks and showrooms.


First Office

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