French Lick Resort

Brand strategy, brand architecture, and brand identity for French Lick Resort—doors opened to guests in 1845.

Built on natural sulfur springs (miracle water) in 1845 as an exclusive wellness retreat, the French Lick Resort rebrand leans on a legacy of opulence and renewal. With a lush vivid history, French Lick Resort has been a quintessential landmark in Indiana for over 100 years. After a major restoration effort, owner Cook Medical Group brought the world-famous French Lick Resort back to its original grandeur. The resort is comprised of two enormous hotels, two world-class golf courses, a casino, an event center; and a long list of other amenities that include pools, spas, restaurants, stables, hike and bike trails, sports center, and wedding venues. In order to increase overnight stays and create awareness of the resort’s complete offering, it became our responsibility to strategize and rebrand the French Lick Resort by delivering a one-of-a-kind destination experience. We positioned French Lick Resort as a gateway parent brand to two distinct experiences: French Lick Springs Hotel and West Baden Springs Hotel. We branded French Lick Springs Hotel as a ‘house of brands strategy’—with many adventurous options to be further personalized for a true Americana family destination. We branded West Baden Springs Hotel as a ‘branded house strategy’—catering to couples desiring a luxurious European-style escape destination. The ‘French Lick Resort Brand Architecture Map’ clearly illustrates these brand relationships. It visualizes how a guest, through extended or repeat visits, will have a variety of adventures and experiences with one destination. We also created ‘Pluto U’, French Lick Resort’s internal education program, to educate resort employees on brand culture and guest-first attention for a sustainable employment base.


French Lick Resort

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