Jasper Chair Company

A brand identity for a family own furniture company that builds custom wood chairs for The Capital Grill as well as Red Lobster.

When the Barth brothers asked us to rebrand their company they had one simple request, “Please don’t make us look like anything we are NOT.” In brand-speak, we call this being ‘authentic’. For us, finding authenticity in the Jasper Chair Company was easy: they have been a family-owned business building great quality chairs—here in Jasper, Indiana—for over 100 years. We defined their authenticity in terms of heritage, family, and ‘Made in America’ craftsmanship. Their tagline came naturally, “True American Manufacturing”. We redesigned their logo to speak directly to what they do. Updating their imagery became our greatest challenge. With a constrained photography budget, we decided to focus on telling the ‘authentic’ story through transparency and design relevancy. For transparency, we arranged an on-sight photoshoot of Jasper Chair Company’s plant documenting their manufacturing process which included both traditional and modern chair building techniques. For design relevancy, we modernized their product with current fabric trends and shot in-studio.


Jasper Chair Company

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