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This beautifully designed interactive timeline takes you through the Golden Age of Hollywood from the perspective of a man who helped build it.

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Director Gabe Torres gave us a call to see if we would be interested in branding and designing the website for his documentary film ‘The Remarkable Life of John Weld’. The goal of the brand and website was to reflect a central theme of the film—the emergence of Hollywood’s Golden Era through the life of John Weld. As a stuntman he worked with Laurel and Hardy, John Barrymore, Charlie Chaplin and Tom Mix. After meeting gossip columnist Louella Parsons, he turned his career toward journalism interviewing Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford and Franklin Roosevelt. Under the mentorship Jame Joyce, John Weld became a best selling novelist and writer. To visually grasp his remarkable life, we decided early on to create an interactive timeline of John Weld’s milestones. During the course of the documentary, the film’s production team had collected a massive amount of historical documents and artifacts from John Weld’s life. We took full advantage of these records when constructing the timeline. To keep the user interested, we added animation and movement within the timeline—combining archived photography, video and call-out quotes from historical figures. The entire website is fully responsive, so it can be enjoyed on both desktop and mobile devices. The documentary premieres in John Weld’s hometown of Laguna Beach with plans of a feature film based on the historical record in the works.


Gabe Torres

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