Lowenstein Chicago Showroom

Graphic signage, custom mirrors, and sharp interior design introduce NeoCon visitors to the modernized rebranded identity for Lowenstein, a classic furniture company, at the Merchandise Mart, Chicago.

When the high-end seating company Lowenstein was purchased by OFS Brands, they wanted to introduce the acquisition at NeoCon (Merchandise Mart, Chicago). The purpose of this completely new showroom space was to assure devoted Lowenstein customers that the brand would still continue to be fashionable, best-in-class, luxury seating—but just under new ownership. At the same time, this showroom introduced new seating product and being Chicago we had to make it 100% glamorous. As a nod to the history of Lowenstein (founded in 1967) we went through their corporate archive and used their retro logos as fabulous custom-made white mirrors throughout the space. While still keeping the high-fashion minimal look of the brand we selected a 60s inspired eye-popping bright white, brilliant yellow, and accents teal. The showroom tagline, Purely Modern, niches the brand into the 21st century. To emphasize this message we fabricated a custom large Purely Modern sign made of LPH high gloss white laminate with chrome reflective acetate within the counters of the typography.



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