Modern Machine

Modern Machine is a L.A. based production company dedicated to relevant and compelling  media content for primarily youth and young adults, that will not only entertain, but make a positive difference in the world. Through key industry relationships and strategic partnerships with local, national and global organizations, Modern Machine will produce projects in music, film and narratives (such as podcasts and audio books). When we designed the Modern Machine logo and brand system, we wanted their brand feel like a ‘machine’ hence we came up with their true line, “One part of the world engine.” The logomark has a very ‘machined’ look, in fact we used 3D modeler software (Rhino) to design a ‘CAD looking’ logo which can fully rotate 360 degrees. Because of the wireframe structure of the logo, we have the ability to digitally skin the logo with any texture, color, or effect we want. Because this brand exists in an entertainment market, the ability to rapidly adapt the logo to any project or co-branding situation can be fully taken advantage of. The font and main brand color (‘cathode ray green’) takes its cue from cyberpunk culture which leads us into further developing our tone-of-voice for our valuable millennial/xillenial audience.


Modern Machine


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