Tell City Pretzels

A refreshed brand identity to get a local centennial-old pretzel company into the artisan snack market.

We like to think of ourselves as the snack experts—we might even love carbs as much as we love design. When Tell City Pretzel approached us for a rebrand, we could not be more excited. Tell City Pretzels is a local company that has been hand twisting pretzels for more than 150 years. They are known for being very hard snacks. Their devoted customers affectionately enjoy the pretzels for the big crunch each bite offers. But they had no shelf presence making it difficult for them to increase their customer base in such a highly over saturated super-snack market. Our task was to position Tell City Pretzels in the artesian food market. They asked us to make them look distinctive and artsy without losing their sense of humor and charming character.

First, we had to redesign their logo. Their original logo looked nothing like a Tell City Pretzel. After creating a mark that captured the look of their signature pretzel, we incorporated a font and a banner motif to feel more historical. For packaging, we selected two bold appealing brand colors that capture attention on shelves, but still felt natural. We decided to retain the heavy-duty zip lock bag container because it reflected the indestructibility of the pretzels. We used hefty display fonts that are full of personality to reflect the big taste of each intense flavor. We had the most fun devising the copy on the back of each pretzel bag. Terms like: ‘Bite bravely’, ‘cruncherrific’, and ‘quake-size sensations’ became staples for the tone-of-voice of the brand.


Tell City Pretzels

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