New Years resolution

Once a year we reflect and pow-wow as a team to come up with a branding-related New Years resolution. Here at In Form Design, we decided that 2013 would be the year of NO CAN DO. We designed and silk screened it onto a comfy tshirt as a wearable mantra for ourselves as well as our clients. Since presentation is everything, our clients received the tshirts inside a can with a labeled explanation. NO CAN DO originates from our brand philosophy that you can’t be all things to all people—you got to differentiate.

The top of the can reads Just use a canned idea. The wrap around label reads:

When they say, “Just use a canned idea.” You say, “No can do.” When they say, “Be all things to all people.” You say, “No can do.” When they say, “Don’t be different.” You say, “No can do. No can do. No can do.”

Angelo Lagdameo
Brand Consultant, Design Practitioner




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