Dubois Strong

Brand identity and website for an EDO in a headstrong community.

When the Dubois County Area Development Corporation asked us to rebrand them, the first thing we wanted to tackle was their long stumbling stuffy name. The DCADC wanted to spark the investment of the younger, technically skilled employment base of our business community. Working with the DCADC, attending civic forums, speaking to our local elected officials and business leaders we came to the conclusion that Dubois County had special strength in both business and living communities. We nailed this down by renaming our client Dubois Strong (new name established in 2012). We centered their brand around ‘success’. We developed a logo that reflected values of teamwork and manufacturing ability (Dubois Strong is headquartered in VUJC’s Center For Technology Innovation, and Manufacturing). We selected a bold primary-color brand identity, each color represented a township of Dubois Country (as to not show favoritism for any county) while black represented a solid foundation. The biggest challenge was untangling their website full of outdated links and buried resources. But by the time we planned their brand launch event, duboisstrong.com was redesigned to be a valuable resource for anyone who was interested in starting/expanding a business in Dubois County.


Dubois Strong

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