A contract furniture dealer who values client conversations more than presentations.

FurnitureSpeak® is a leading office furniture dealership and workplace solutions company serving the Mid-Atlantic region. They needed a full brand refresh from the original logo design to website and print collateral redesign. They are known for their, “From project inception to completion and onward, we deliver original concepts, driven to solve your individual issues.” In this spirit, we crafted their tagline to say, “Interiors designed through conversation”. To emphasize ‘conversation’ we made the dialog box a graphic motif throughout the FurnitureSpeak® brand. The soft yet distinctive blueprint-blue color palette allows the furniture/workspace solution images to stand out while still giving the brand identity some breathing room. The website design for is fully responsive for desktop and mobile screens. We designed the website’s CMS features for the gallery and blog to be easily updatable as to keep the conversation going with their targeted A&D audience.



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