Kimball Chunky Book

Book design celebrating 150+ years of Kimball’s manufacturing history.

Nicknamed the ‘Chunky Book‘ this is a 250+ page square coffee table book that was designed for Kimball. The purpose of this chunky book was to tell the Kimball story, “Our complete product solutions create a sense of place where people can achieve all that’s possible. Our desire to innovate drives us to engage with the broader design community outside our doors. As a world-class design company, we pride ourselves in being curious, forward-thinking, driven for results, and relentless in our pursuit of success.” Instead of a traditional linear corporate story, we pitched the idea the book should not tell a point A to point B story. Instead, the book prioritized the brand feel by making each page entirely visually appealing. The spreads remix the existing Kimball image library by a combination of stunning typography, digital collating, and pushing architecture software Rhino as an illustration tool. All official Kimball brand colors were used to full expression. The book begs to be picked up off a coffee table and be flipped through from the center to the back and from the back to the front. This piece won a GOLD design award from the Louisville Graphic Design Association.


Kimball Office

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